Monday, April 18, 2011

I couldda beena contendah

Job interviews are always a little nerve wracking.

It's hard enough to try and avoid saying 'like' every other word, dodge the awkward handshake (how do you look them in the eyes and go for the hand at the same time I ask you), and successfully execute the whole eye contact thing (it's really awkward to look someone in the eye for 30 minutes straight.  It almost becomes a subconscious staring contest).

And as for the makeup.

That part shouldn't be stressful.
Worry more about keeping your hands clam free!

And now, some tips!

If you are interviewing for a job that involves very conservative dress (i.e. a suit or something to that effect), then stick with a very neutral makeup palette. A makeup look that doesn't detract from the overall conservatism of the job appearance but still allows for some polish is your best bet.  Covering up trouble areas with concealer/powder, some mascara (don't forget the eyelash curler!), a touch of blush and some neutral gloss/balm is all you need to land that job, smexi lady.

If you are interviewing for a job where you're iffy on how much is too much, but you know the atmosphere is more relaxed and the dress in the work place can be a little more creative, then stick with a palette of neutrals with a little pop of color either in the eyes, cheeks or lips.  This will show your interviewer that you have a little special sauce, and if they wanna see more where that came from, they've gotta hire you!

I wore shades of neutral tawnies and browns and a lilac lip to kick it up a notch

If you are interviewing for a job where creativity is welcomed like a college kid welcomes free food, then this is your time to shine with a bold makeup look.  However, keep in mind that you are seeking a job, not looking to getcho grind on at a club, so use discretion.  I think a red lip or a bronze eye would be a tasteful way of showing creativity and self expression through your appearance, but not detracting from your bombass interview.

So to all you job interviewees out there.
Good luck, be yourself, and most importantly, don't trip over your own feet.

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