There's me lovin mr. golden sun

My name's Caitlin.

I'm a sophomore in college with a major in public relations/advertising/music industry with a lot of minors because I have no idea what I want to do and why not take advantage of studying things you love but not quite enough to major in them ya know?

So amongst the studying and online shopping and fish bowl changing and other various unjustifiable things to do with my time- I thought hey!

Why not make a blog about makeup?  
I love the stuff and often daydream about it and bother my friends regularly with all sorts of makeup talk-so why not just get it out of my system with a blogchild I can call my own?

And so this blog is dedicated to two things I feel as if I do fairly well- makeup and rambling.

And thank you for reading my nonsense/makeup lovin' bloggin of the sorts-because you are doing so voluntarily!

And that's a huge compliment.!!