Saturday, June 11, 2011

When the bachelorette is perturbed

Lately, my life has consisted of...

A. Reading lots of books under trees for my Communication Ethics class.
{cowlick attack!}

B. Spending time in the Ra office/ doing other Ra-ey things.

C. Pulling my hair out and the rising my cortisol level thanks to my accounting class.

Oh!  But there's a D.  D for delicious, decadent, delightful television!  Usually the day I turn on the tv during the school year is the day I refuse chocolate (aka NEVER), but since the summer has rolled around I am ready to indulge in some good ole cotton candy programming!  

The Bachelorette has me hooked.  There's something about watching one girl "grapple" with 25 fantastic looking men swoon over her that just intrigues me.  And makes me slightly bitter.

 (For those of you that watch the show, my favorite guys happen to be Ryan P, Ben C, JP, and Mickey
-insert drool-).

On this week's episode, Ashley (the bachelorette) got her feelings hurt from a comment made by one of the slightly arsish guys.  While the audience was supposed to be sympathizing with her sensitive heart, I was all, "wow, her eye makeup looks great!"

To get the offended bachelorette look (what a way to get people to try this!):

-Eyelash Curler- we all know my favorite 

-Angled Eyeliner Brush- like this one from Eco Tools

-Eyeshadow brush (ideally one with stiffer bristles so your application can be more precise) like this one from Eco Tools

-Mascara- so obsessed with Buxom Lash because it makes my eyelashes look amazingly long and voluminous

-Black or charcoal gray eyeliner- (I used L'Oreal HIP colortruth cream liner in black)

-Charcoal colored eyeshadow- Bare Escentuals bareMinerals eye color in Graphite

-Nude Eyeshadow- The Maybelline ExpertWear Collection has an nice assortment of tawny shades to choose from

-Bone colored shadow/highlighter- like Revlon Perle Shadow in Sunlit Sparkle

-curl your lashes-
-then apply ze mascara (do two coats if you want! Go CrAzYyYyY will ya but make sure you look pensive while doing it as I demonstrate in the photo below)-
-start lining your upper eyelid, making the line thicker as you work outward-
-extended the line a little past your eye, as if you were winging the liner-
-from the line on the top lid you've just made, line your lower lash line from the outward in towards the tear duct.  Gradually decrease the thickness as you work your way in-
-now dip your eyeliner brush into the charcoal shadow and trace over the liner, just to soften the appearance of it-
-Now, take the eyeshadow brush and apply the charcoal shadow to the outer corner and crease of your eyelid-
-with the eyeshadow brush, apply the nude colored shadow to the entire lid-
-apply the bone colored shadow underneath the browbone-

Will you accept this rose?! (I can hear myself saying it now)
And then all the hottie patotties would be like "I'd be honored"
the end.

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