Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fuschia Blush and lips!

There is something about this universally flattering shade that just makes you want to do cartwheels in the grass.

Blush- Bareminerals Blush in Fruit Cocktail

Lipstick- Avon Ultra Rich Mega Impact Lipstick in Fuschia Fun (with spf 15!)

A bright lip and cheek combo work together when you use shades in the same color family.  For example, orange with oranges, pinks with pinks, reds with reds, etc. 

It's also important to remember to keep one element more subtle than the other, like going more translucent on the cheeks than the lips.  If both your lips and cheeks were opaque, you would resemble this chica:

So...yeah.  Don't go blush and lip color crazy for your sake and mine?

Now erase that semi creepy image from your mind... 
And dig your feet in some luscious grass with your cute lil flush going on!
Did I just say lil?
Lil Kim, Lil Mama, Lil Wayne, Lil Romeo, Lil Flush.

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