Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm intrigued...and skeptical

In my Sephora Favorites Sun Safety Kit, there are tons and tons of moisturizers with SPF.
SPF for the lips, face, body, probably even toenails somewhere in there.

But then I saw this little gem, a beacon of orange light!

I'm slightly skeptical of this product. 
 One, the packaging is orange... talk about some foreshadowing?  Also, one towel is supposed to cover your whole body, but I feel like wherever you apply this first you would distribute the most product there.  I read some reviews online and one person stated they needed to "work on their application method."  Visions of Zebra Stripes dance through my head. 
Also, I received the Tan Towel Plus, not the Original Tan Towel. The tan towel plus is for those who "naturally tan fast."

{clearly thats me...}

I'm going to use it sometime this week {and I'll be sure to post pictas}  Feel free to laugh if I look like the Nickelodeon logo barfed all over me.

Hoping that everyone is having a great weekend!

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