Saturday, May 7, 2011

An "I Spy" for Makeup Lovers

Bleeee! (Also the noise I make when stretching).
I sure love those I Spy books, don't you guys?


I remember opening the books at night and searching on the pages with my sister before bed, and she would always find the 4th Teddy Bear in the photo before I could.  Oh, but I would get her every time on the cookie page!

Fast forward 14 ish years...

I'm a huge fan of the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere.  The writer, Emily, has a great sense of style.  And posts lots of photos!  And I sure do love pictures.

A few days ago, Emily posted a picture of her newly organized makeup stash.
This picture is blown up for your own investigatory purpose

And since Emily is super gorgie, I want to get all up in this collection a la my 6 year old self and identify the brand of as many of these products as I can! 

I spy with my little eye...

(starting in the top left corner and working like a book)

Bare Minerals up the WOO TANG (I'm guessing she has Bare Minerals as well as Bare Minerals Matte and a few mineral veils up in there.  Maybs a warmth. Probs a blush)

Now returning back to my 20 year old self over here... oh wait they're one in the same.

Tell me if you recognize any of the other boooty products in that picture, because it's fun.

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