Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Dear readers,

The few that you may be.  I apologize for not writing for a week (eet!)   I should have been using my blogging fingers. 

But my blogging fingers took a backseat to my insatiable desire to memorize the JG Wentworth commercial. And other random things like eating cake and watching lots of Real Housewives. Why so addicting?


In this week I have gotten a summer job (at aerie! )

And then I worked my first shift!  Boy that was fun

"Hi! welcome to Aerie!  How can I help you today?!?!"- says Caitlin with a big huge smile and eyes eager to help someone because she just started working!

"You can't."- says woman in Harley Davidson t-shirt with hair a shade of blonde that makes me scared to dye my own.

*Insert sharp object into balloon here*

That's alright though because I got to wear a headset!  And a lanyard with my name on it!

And I also attempted to write many papers.  And acted out a scene from Much Ado About Nothing in my Shakespeare class.  And it is finals week coming up.  And Dolphy Day still hasn't happened.  And I think this post is coming to an end.  I want to take a nap.

Posting about fake tans soon!

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