Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Products that make you glowowowowoow! Part 2

Cosmetics that give you that fresh faced, dewy, I got my nine hours of sleep last night look.

Which doesn't happen during finals week.

Perfect for highlighting and creating a beautiful angelic pink glow to your skin!  In a to-go size as well.

Benefit Moon Beam.

With such a warm glow, it's like holding a whole dang candelabra to your face!

Makes your eyes pop with it's shimmery finish and pretty wash of color!

Sets your makeup and preventing it from melting like the Wicked Witch of the West while still providing a dewy look.

A concealor-highlighter hybrid that's a cult classic.

A quick sweep of this over the cheekbones and temples will give your skin a multi dimensional glow.

Cheap ways to look radiant:

Rub vaseline over your blush for a little extra dew

Crush a little shimmery eyeshadow into your lotion for legs like the Vicky's Models (welp...we can all dream)

For an at home mask to make your skin all happy, mash a banana with some oatmeal and a dollop of honey.  

...and it actually tastes good. So if you have extra, I mean I'm not judging...


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