Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ze Winged Liner

This little bitty tube.

Would intimidate Anne Marie so much (who I regularly mention on my blog due to her great one liners and perhaps that is it but really isn't because she's all sorts of fabulous) that she told me she would rather spend all day in a chicken suit then wear winged liner.

Maybe because she has a secret desire to inhabit a chicken suit for a day.  I mean it could be fun. Kind of like the year I was Ruby the Raindrop for Earth Day.  Someone tried to punch me.  Ah, middle schoolers.

Here's the thing.  Liquid liner is easypeasylemonsqueezy to put on, once you think of it like a connect-the-dots coloring page. 

vhat is the sun smiling at? Connect the dots and let me know, because I'm genuinely curious.

All you Need:

-Mascara- I used Aqua Smokey Lash from Make Up For Ever and its grrrrreat! (in tony the tiger like fashion). It's great for achieving voluptuous lashes.

-Eyelash Curler-like this one from Tarte

-Liquid Liner-Wet 'N Wild liner is the bomb digs and is really cheap.

-Q tips and eye makeup remover for mistakes

1. Curl your eyelashes and put on a thin coat of mascara

Also, I pray you never have to have a cowlick like mine.

2. Line your upper inner rim.  I know this is berry scary!  If you use a soft pencil like this one from Bare Escentuals, as it glides on easily.

3. Now, line from your inner corners to about the third of the way up your eyelid.  When you have a shorter line to draw you're more likely to draw it straighter.  Also, resting your elbow on a solid surface like a bathroom counter helps with straight line-ism as well.

That's the look that lures in the men.

4. Repeat this same step from the line you just drew to another third of your eyelid.  Make this portion of the line slightly thicker if you want a more dramatic look.

5. Time for some wingies!  If you don't wait a crazy all swooped up to the eyebrow liner, then just continue drawing a line as if your eye continues on for a tad bit longer.

6. If you likey the drama, make the swoop a little longer!

In case things get little crazy and you begin to get a little scared your eyes look like this...

Fear not!  A q-tip with eye makeup remover will help you right out.

  As with most things (like hot gluing without burning yourself, for instance), taming the beast that is liquid eyeliner may seem difficult at first, but your steady hand will soon conquer it.

In other news...
She wants James Franco to win best actor.  It's not going to happen, but I do appreciate her taste in men.

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