Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beauty Blowout Sale at Smashboxxx!!!!

Hello all.
Breaking news here.  
Well at least for all of you makeup lovin' folks.

Smashbox is having a Beauty Blow Out Sale!

Whenever I see some good deals out there I feel as if I need to let you all know...because these types of things are mucho mucho important naturally.

I haven't even finished looking through all of the sale items before I opened up a new tab and starting typing this.
If only I could get this excited about doing my English work.

So far I think I would very much like:

This thing ('tis now only $44.25!) -because it has my most beloved primer in it (and on for the eyelids too!) plus a lovely eyeshadow quad and some liner + lipgloss.  

Enjoy your day!  I think I may do cartwheels down my hallway because that is what hello kitty pj high waters inspire me to do.

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