Monday, February 28, 2011


Are you are familiar with the Harry Potter books?
If so, are you familiar with Dementors (I believe they make a grand entrance circa 3rd book)?

A person in a dementor costume-ha!  Makes them seem a touch more lovable.

I've come to the conclusion: these soul sucking cloaked weirdos exist.
In the form of college libraries.

I just cannot do work in my room today.  There is something about seeing my bed that makes me want to lay in it, and something about my George Harrison drinking glass that makes me want to wikipedia every Beatles song-both not conducive to writing an essay on Spinoza.  

So, I have decided to physically remove myself from the situation and in a bout of desperation, find myself in the library for the first time this year. 


The awful lighting (can't you tell from the picture above?!) and the eerie silence and the bouncy trouncy couches bug me, but at least I stay (kind of) focused.

In the midst staying (kind of) focused,my Tarte lip stain found it's way out of my bag.

Shown here in lust 

It's great for moisturizing lips that are dry from all this mouthy breathing I am doing because the dude near me is chomping on a salad with ranch dressing that smells like glue.

Phone screens make for handy mirrors!

Happy friggin fraggin Monday
Now back to work before I lose all of my soul to the library!

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