Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Too Many Opinions

Here I am attempting to work on a media writing assignment which entails me writing 50 sentences that are factual.
Factual?  How boring.

Here's an example of one of my sentences:

1    " After the tragic suicidal death of 40-year-old fashion designer Alexander McQueen, his right hand woman, Julien MacDonald, has taken over for the famous award winning British fashion house."

    Are there any opinion-based words in there that would jeopardize the factualness of it all? The word tragic could be considered that-but I'm assuming most people would think a suicide was tragic-but there are heartless folks out there.  So I'm going to have to cut that out.  Is Alexander McQueen's fashion house well known enough to be considered 'famous' by my professor's standards? (Really the only one who's opinion matters in this case because he will be grading it).  I have no idea, but my professor often tries to be fashionable by effortlessly laying a scarf over just about every outfit he wears, so I don't know-maybe he does follow McQueen.  Is Julien MacDonald really his right hand woman?  Well, Vogue says so but maybe the jealous assistant seamstress of McQueen begs to differ.

Surely I can't go through this mental process 50 times tonight.  Those words I am shaving off add a little juice to the sentence, and I will be sad to see them go.  No one wants to read a dry, rice cake like sentence (unless it has peanut butter on it-then everyoneeeee does). 

See what I just did^^^. Opinion.  Some people have peanut allergies, or don't like the texture!  Good lord.  Facts suck.

Gah!  And yet another opinion.

Here's something I'm sure the VAST MAJORITY OF US can be in agreeance with though.

This is pretty lovely to look at. 

Wanna know what else is pretty lovely?!

Getting giftcards from a wonderful friend named Brittnea so you can finally buy that concealer you've been wanting!

4 different shades plus a green color corrector?
Yersh please.
Some things I love about this palette:

1. The four different shades-perfect for lasting you through different seasons and evening out skin tone.

2.  You can make your concealer a little darker when you use help from the bottled sun (self tanner!) and a little lighter when you get too lazy to reapply for weeks.

3. It's Make up forever.  Great brand that never lets you down (opinion once again! Well- it has never let me down but if it lets you down let me know so I can eat my words).

4. The product is mmm creamy and melts into your skin once applied.

5. Because the container is not big and huge and bulky, you can take it on the go-which is where you just so happen to notice a zit or realize you have lip stain smeared on your nose or something ridiculous.


Today instead of reading Spinoza I decided that I had an uncanny resemblance to Jane Asher.  It's only the bangs and hair color that we have in common, but enjoy laughing at these photos nonetheless.

 Twinners, right?

Here's the foxy Ryan Gosling picture slightly larger. Just for good measure

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