Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm Getting a Tattoo! Er...dying my hair.

I get in these moods fairly often.
Where I just get an extremely outlandish idea and for a minute I begin to develop a plan in my head as to how I will execute this.

In yesterday's mood, I began to think about getting a tattoo.

Here's the thing though.  I'm very much a person who makes impulse decisions.  I do this because I must make the decision before my logical side intervenes and ruins my impulsive side's grand plan!  

It started off a little something like this...
That guy looks good with all of those know I really should just finally get a tattoo...what would I get it doesn't really matter, it could just be a small one...oooh!  I bet it would look good like behind my ear or but in order to do that I would have to make an appointment and such...I really don't have any money to spend on that right now...Maybe I should wait until a friend also wants to get a tattoo with me...yeah...I'll just wait.

And then I always hop to the less extremes...

I should really just get my my bellybutton re-pierced (which is really a bad idea because I ripped it out bending over my bed looking for a camera battery-not worth it).

But I always come back to dying my hair.  My logical self and more outlandish self can always agree on this one.

Because it's just hair, and it grows and can be colored and cut and razored and singed (as I found out while blowing out my birthday candles).

 I'm going to dye my hair blonde, brown, and black before I am 25 I have decided.

Evan Rachel Wood could pull off an afro I'm convinced.  Love her

all found on google images

So anywho, I went and got some hairdye straight out da box.

And 15 minutes, and a because I'm not very neat- bright orange forehead later..

I used Clairol Natural Instincts Color Creme in Cherry Creme. Doesn't that sound like a delicious mousse flavor?

Here are some tips I have gathered in my 7 years of dying my hair, some of the moments proud

Some of them not 

(sophomore year of high school on a scavenger hunt and chunks of mustard colored highlights in my hair-youch.)

So about those tips with at home color...

1. Make sure you do your roots first.  Going layer by layer and making sure you get them all is important, because when you pull your hair back or something you could look a fool.  But if it happens to be too late and you've missed a spot, you can always re-dye that piece or give it the swipe of a sharpie.

2. If your hair is particularly dry, put the dye on the ends of your hair during the last 2-3 minutes of the process.  The thing is, dry hair sucks up every thannng that it can.  So if you let the dye sit on dry ends for too long, it will make the color much more intense then you had anticipated.  For example, my plum locks circa 2007.


4.  If you want to go three shades darker or lighter, then go to a salon!  The chances of you messing it up are much greater.  Also, a colorist will use a toner (to take out the pigment in your hair) before applying the color, thus making your hair a blank slate so the hair colors won't get in a serious conflict and turn your hair chartreuse or something.

5. If you are using a type of hair dye for the first time, use a test strip of hair first.  Because either a)the color could turn out not how you anticipated or b)you could be allergic to the formula.  Neither have a very pretty outcome (referencing my lovely encounter with Herbal Essences hair color here)

6. Time your hair color!  I would start timing the recommended amount that the box tells you after you're about halfway done with the roots.  

7. Have a friend check around your cabeza just to make sure you didn't miss any spots around your temples, ears, nape of your neck, etc.

8. At-home highlight kits are not very successful.  Just save yourself the trouble of looking like a damn fool with that highlighting cap and get it done at the salon-it's cheaper than getting all over color done too.

Here are some of my favorite brands:

Clairol Perfect 10-a great, fast, permanent color that gives you a glorious color.

Clairol Natural Instincts- a semi-permanent that doesn't smell bad or make your head itchy, and is great for those hair color commitment phobes.

Loreal Feria Hair Color- Multi-facted shiney-ness and howww can you resist an advertisement with Beyonce on it?

Soak up all of the praise you will get for your gorgeous hair, you don't have to tell them it's not natural or anything. 
 I'm guilty of occasionally lying about that. 
 But then if I'm with a friend or my sister, they answer for me before I can even say anything, "No, it's not!"

Thanks guys

Bee tee dubs, Happy Valentine's Day, from my alter ego with a mascara mustache.

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