Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Siren's Song

I used to think that all men in the Odyssey were damn fools for being seduced by the song of the siren.  But now I feel bad for hatin' on those guys because tonight, I too, was defeated by her.

Her song came to me in the form of a clearance sticker at Target.
Have you guys been to Target?  I pretty sure the vast majority of you have.
And ah, those BRIGHT RED clearance stickers at Target that stand out at you from across the store that say:

was:$9.49 NOW:$9.25!

And you're like wow!  What a great deal!  I wasn't even planning on getting an electric knife when I came here, but I just can't pass a deal like that up!

So there I was, a newborn twentysomething, being all grown up and not irresponsibly spending my money on anything inessential
All I had in my basket was water for my fishie, thank you cards, and ringpops.  Was my wallet really going to make it out unscathed for the first time at Target?!

Then, the sirens took advantage of what they knew to be my weakness.

Caitlin's Mind:*do do do do do ah these throw pillows are an interesting coloJEMMA KID LIPSTICK IS ON CLEARANCE?!

Except, when I reached the end cap (slightly winded), I realized that only 1 color was discounted. 
And although that color was nice, Siren was better.
But, Siren wasn't on clearance.
Siren tricked me into believing she was by luring me over with that clearance sticker that she knew once I saw her I couldn't resist!
I thought, ever since I lost Cruella (my favorite Nars lip color-I think she ran away because she got upset I was wearing berry lipstick so much) I've needed a new saucey red lip color that's also named after a villain.
So, I succumbed to Siren's powers.
But she's making me feel pretty saucy when I wear her so I guess it worked out for the both of us.

Inspired by

Gretchen's (the hot blonde in the photo with me) sister Jackie made this meat dress for Gaga's Japanese Vogue spread.  



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