Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Busy Saturdays

I've been eating Cheese Nips (I prefer them over Cheezits because Cheezits make me think of pimples plus they don't have real cheddar in them like Cheese Nips-at least that's what the box told me) and watching One Tree Hill all day.

Isn't that light blue nail color really presh!?  It's Essie Nail Polish in Sag Harbor.

Here's some other nail polishes I'm asdhjfsdalkfj;sadfjing over currently:

All types of green nail polish like Revlon Nail Enamel in Emerald City.  Green is my favorite color and also a color that I think looks good on everyone.  Mustard yellow, not so much.

The whole Nars Limited Edition Vintage Nail Shades Collection is so lahhhvly.  And because they are limited edition, I feel like I have no time whatsoever to consider which one I want and buy them all, lest they sell out before I can get my polish loving hands on them.  

Finding cosmetics on

Did anyone else out there know this was possible?!  I was trying to order books for class off of amazon and just for kicks and giggles typed in cosmetics. And lo and behold!  Can you believe this Essie nailpolish is only about 3 buckaroonis?! 

Well now I'm too exhausted trying to keep up with the lives of the cast of LucasNathan(mmmmm)PeytonBrookeHaley- I think I need a nap.

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