Friday, February 4, 2011

Go Shorty, it is Your Birthday.

Bring on the botox and the restylane, I'm officially the big 


You know how your grandparents call you and they're like, "do you feel any older?!"  
And for the first time I actually do!  
Maybe I'm just psyching myself out.
 I should be thanking the man upstairs that I don't have to relive braces or mid forehead length bangs or any aspect of middle school at all (did you all have to be in a mandatory chorus class?  We didn't start the fire will be burned into my mind forever).

So, guess where I went this weekend to celebrate my transition into my third decade?!


And this was the fun stuff we did while there.

Michaela takes a moment to philosify (ha!)

After we waited hours for Michaela to finish contemplating on life (or me to finish getting ready-you be the judge), we took to the streets and found this darling little amber shop where I bought a beeeaaauuuutiful necklace.

Then we drank some wine out of mugs. ?

...I seriously cannot stop thinking about the delightful dinner food and drinks from the Kingston Brew Pub!  I daydream about the spicy peanut pasta while in my english class.

Then we found a really cool ice slide on the way back to the hotel

 And then I opened gifts from my lovahs...


And then...

Anne Marie let me do her makeup (!!) I gave her a smokey eye offff course.  And I also gave myself a smokey eye.  

(thats really all of this post that's about makeup-eet my b!)

Before we went out, I heeded 50's recommendation that shawty sip bicardi cause it's her birthday.

Den da club.
 And this random guy jumped in a lot of our photos.  But that's okay, he was really nice and had a glorious Australian accent.

While at Timmy Ho Ho's in the morgen, Anne Marie replicated the Napoleon Dynamite dance for us all. 

After a brief scare with the vehicle...we headed back to la casa de McGuire where my mother made me (2) cakies!  She's so sweet looking out for my waistline and all. Whatta woman.

This was my first cake.  How stinkin cute is my mother to put actual makeup it!?  Two gifties in one.  Also I love how my mom wrote "glitz, glamour, style and class."
Not too sure why she underlined class, as if it was a reminder to me or something?

Me pretending like I'm trying really hard to reflect on what I would really like to wish for on that huge fire consisting of 20 candles, in all reality we know I'm feelin awk because everyone is singing happy birthday and I learned at the age of 19 once you turn 20 you can no longer sing along, because that is too teenager-ish.

And then I singed my whole head of hair!  Just kidding, only a little chunk but it was still a great loss felt by the rest of the hairs.

Then on my foreals birthday, as if I hadn't already had plenty of lovin', my wonderful and incredibly craftyalwaysputsmetocompleteanduddershamebestfriend Mags sent me this badass clock that she 

MADE people.  

Then, my suitemates gathered for cake number two in hopes they would get to try some fondant (that's how I lured them in...fondant really tastes like plastic injected marshmallows!) 

Why, hello kitty.

Oh, and I also wore purple lipstick on my real birthday.  Purple lips says 'birthday girl' to me.  It also says I ate 30 grape popsicles.

Peeps my next blog post will be all abouts makeup I promise.  I just have these random little thoughts at the most inconvenient times (like usually during homework) and I immediately begin to type as fast as my large knuckled fingers will go.  And then I look at the clock, and upon realizing it's a tad late I go back to work or play fruit ninja on my itouch.  Alas, I rarely complete these ideas!

 So, I have many drafts I will work on this weekend and release throughout the week.  Like some busy families do with meals pre prepared on the weekends and served on the weekdays.  

Honestly, I just put that part in about me working on them this weekend and posting them throughout the week solely for the purpose of comparing my blog posts to pre prepared meals.

Happy living everyone

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