Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Far Would You go To Get Naked?

This title will make sense in a few short minutes, I promise! 
But first I would like you to kick back and listen to another unnecessary story in Caitlin's life...

So two Black Fridays ago, my mother and I were perusing Old Navy for some good schtuff to buy, (ah yes, grandma will love this 99 cent fleece scarf!) when I saw a few women gathered around a general end cap area.

So of course-naturally as one would-my armful of 99 cent fleecie things and I speed walked to the end cap.  And lo and behold the things these women were all over were these AWFUL looking canvas belts!  At the time, however, I felt as if this terrible canvas belt would go with so much!  And the canvas reminded me of summer which reminded me of how much I miss living in the south were it is basically warm all year round, and so a whole bout of nostalgia and also that everyone else was getting one and I wanted one to went through my mind until after 2 seconds my brain and I came to the conclusion that we needed it. (I basically just inferred that my brain and I are two separate entities that work against one another, but sometimes I feel as if we are so.)

But when I got home I realized that this thing was uuugly!  Why did I buy you I asked the belt.  And although the belt did not respond to me, I realized it was mostly because everyone else desired it-therefore I wanted it more.  

Do you all ever feel this way-that something becomes much more alluring when you know others want it too?

So anywho, a few weeks ago my dear friend Gretchen asked me if I had ever heard of Urban Decay's Naked Palette.  
And I responded to her no, but I would very much like to see what this is all about.

So naturally I went a-searchin, and once I saw said palette I decided that I liked it very much, but I already have most of the shades in the palette- yet I deemed it would be nice for people who enjoy the subtly of neutrals and the convenience of mixing colors all in one palette.

And then out of curiosity, I scrolled down to the bottom of the screen to inquire how much this palette cost, when I read this little gem:

Product Availability: This product has unusually high demand. Sephora stores and will carry stock as it becomes available. Please check back regularly to keep up to date on product availability. Thank you.

So the next time I was in Sephora, I checked there too.  
So naturally, now I want it because everyone is gathered around the endcap that is full of Naked Palettes.

Finding the Naked Palette = Holy Grail?

I'll get you my pretty.

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