Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Drugstore Favorites Part 2

The Best Blush

Why?  Think back to when you would color as a kid.  Did you also have a hard time picking a realistic skin color for any of your illustrations or was that just me?  I felt like the yellow, brown, peach, white, etc.  didn't really capture a realistic color when used by themselves.  But when you mix just the right amount of various colors, bam! Way better.  Much like mixing a bunch of different tones with crayolas, this blush does the guesswork for you.  By sweeping your brush over the different shades you automatically get a dynamic color!

Best Bronzer(s)

Why? As explained above with the blush, different tones are a plus.  Especially with bronzer.  In my experience, I prefer to buy a bronzer that has multiple tones or a touch of shimmer, so that my complexion doesn't look sallow or ruddy.  This bronzer is apparently "mood boosting" with it's violet scent and probably some made up chemical they put on the box.  But the hearts are so darn cute and the color looks lovely, so I guess they can call it whatever they want.

I also love:

Why? I really like this particular bronzer because it comes in 3 different shades-that way you can find the appropriate shade for your skin tone.  Because it's definitely not flattering to look like you smeared clay across your face (if it's too dark) or drew on your cheeks with chalk (if it's too light).  And it's partially organic and comes in a biodegradable container.

Best Lipgloss

Why? This lipgloss is super sheer and available in a ton of different shades.   It's also moisturizing, unlike some lipglosses that just sit there looking goopy.  Plus, SPF 20!  Celebrate with me, people who get cold sores from lip sunburns!

The Best Lip Balm

Why?  Never underestimate the power of chapstick, even Napoleon Dynamite doesn't.  Besides costing the amount of money you could find under your couch, it's a great overall moisturizer when you're in a pinch.  For instance, I've used chapstick on my cuticles when they are all dry and ragged, windburn on my face, on my flyaway hairs, even on my ashy ankles-ha!

The Best Lipstick

Why? There are 48 shades to choose from!  You're bound to find something you like with that kind of selection.  The color goes on smooth and it doesn't make your lips feel dry like some lipsticks can.  I especially love Very Cherry- it's a perfect scarlet red.

The Best Nail Polish

Why? This nail polish is just pretty darn fantastic.  First of all, it's fast drying.  And for those of you that don't have the time or patience to sit around and literally watch paint dry, you have found your soul mate with this product.  Second of all, the pigment is so intense that two coats are not necessary.  Third of all, the brush applicator is fantastic and distributes the product evenly.

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