Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bump This

I  miss using you guys with reckless abandonment.

I fully intended on writing a how-to blog entry tonight.
Except when I woke up this morning I realized my harmless stye has decided to take on a life of it's own and make my whole eyelid red, swollen, and painful (it's my left eye too- damn.  I can't even cover it up with my side bangs).

So...I've been advised/threatened by my mother to not apply any eye makeup until my stye is fully healed or I could have an infection
and then have to go to the doctor's- which I happen to detest more than most things.

So, I will mostly heed her advice until it looks a little better.  However, I did sneak a little mascara onto the tips of my eyelashes.  I feel like I can't justify the name of my blog unless I make some sacrifices in the name of my everlasting love with makeup. 

So,when my eye gets better I'll post my how-to. Until then, I'll feel naked and look like I've had my eyelid stung by a bee.

My cat is just so damn cute.

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