Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Perfecto Base

(cue heavenly music)

I love primer (which is a base that is applied under makeup)!
It is your third best friend in the makeup world (first best friend is the eyelash curler, second is concealer).

  And my absofantasicallyobsessed favorite is Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.  

Out of all the primers that I've ever tried, this one is the best.  A close second: Tarte Clean Slate.

What a good primer should do:

-Go on smoothly and not flake once it dries

-Make your skin really smooth (which is nice, especially if your skin gets dry and ashtastic like mine does in the winter)

-Provide a good base for your makeup. You shouldn't have to reapply often because the primer helps hold it in place.  It also means your eyeshadow shouldn't crease in your eyelid, which is so annoying!

They even make primers that help mask skin discoloration.  Think about opposite colors on the color wheel:

-If you have facial redness, like me (ughugh rosacea), a primer/ powder with a green base can balance out the redness. That way, you don't have to apply a ton of makeup to cover it up. 

Try Physician's Formula Multi Colored Face Powder in Green

or this one from Smashbox

 -If you have sallow/yellowish skin, a lavender powder/primer can help take away sallowness yellowed skin can give you.

Try Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer in Color Balance

-If you have deep, dark, evil under eye circles, like I have as well, using a yellow base does wonders in counteracting those awful monsters.

Try Physician's Formula Gentle Cover Cream Concealer in yellow.

Or this one from Smashbox.

Just remember to apply foundation/powder over these color correctors, or people may look at you weird.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season and doesn't get caught under the mistletoe with someone creepy.

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