Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm stealing this from my mom...

This thing is amazing!  
Basically it's a vibrating brush that you use in conjunction with a cleanser that helps make your face super and loosens all of the dirt out of the pores.
And you know that feeling that you get when you come back from the dentist and your teeth feel all fresh and purty?
That's how your face feels after using this thing!

My mother uses (or should I say used because I'm abducting it from her bathroom) this handy dandy device with Philosophy's Purity Cleanser (which is great on its own too- its gentle and great for sensitive skin).

But since its a pretty hefty price to pay, especially for a college student, I was thinking maybe I could combine a ton of little electric toothbrushes together and see how that worked out?  
haha just kidding.

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