Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oiiii Vey

The 'philosophy' on the bottle of my inner grace body spritz:

We live in a world of multiple
 dimensions with multiple sensations, and yet there 
is one dimension, one sense that is not of this
world or any place we know of.  It is found in our
inner space and i known by a name called inner
grace.  To live in inner grace is to be embraced by 
the deepest, sweetest peace you will ever know.

However nice the sentiment is of inner grace, there is no such thing during finals!

I wish I could post a lot more right now about recent happenings in my life and wonderful Christmas-y makeup looks, but I have to go study now.

I will soon post about my latest obsessions of berry lips and glitter liner!

Good luck trying to find that inner grace.
(you may now roll your eyes at my ridiculous statement above.)

Because chances are you need a good laugh....

I will risk my sister's dignity as well as my own by posting the above picture.

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