Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Activities: The best form of procrastination

Caitlin's attempted schedule for today:
Draw in Sketch book
Go to Class
Work on Spanish
Read for Philosophy
Work on Speech
Go to class
Go to Gym
Work on Speech (which I give tomorrow and is on embarrassing moments and is going to be so much fun)

What has happened/will happen today:
Sleep in
Go to Class
Listen to Christmas Music
Work on speech for 5 minutes
Make hot chocolate
Look up the schedule for 25 days of Christmas and write all of the programs I want to watch in my planner (if you would like to do this as well, the schedule is here)
Listen to More Christmas Music
Write a blog entry about what I should be doing right now
Go to class
Go to dance performance in the performing arts center
Work on Speech

Interesting how they don't coincide too well...

Yesterday, my RA kind of guilted me and a few of my suite mates into going to this Christmas carol church gathering at the chapel.  I wasn't too interested, since I had just gotten out of my 3 hour night class and had loads of homework to do, but I went anyway.

And I'm so glad I did!

We all walked into the chapel holding candles, and set them down near the front.  Then, we were all given little candles to hold onto while we listened to the various carols. It was so nice, because I feel like with all this hecticness, no one has really had a chance to just sit down, listen to some good music, and remember what Christmas really about.

As I looked around the chapel, I noticed that everyone looked so wonderful with the gleam of the candle near their face.  
And it made me wish that we could always have that type of lighting around.  It makes everyone's skin look like a dream and casts such a warm glow that even those with alabaster skin (ahem, me) have a little color to them.

Then, I realized the closest we can really get to that warmish glow is to use a highlighter!

Highlighters help you bring attention to certain areas, and when used strategically, can make your face look wonderful and glowy.

I really like Benefit's Moonbeam.

It casts a wonderful golden sheen onto your skin.
The product description even says
"It's like holding a 40 watt light bulb up to your face!"

A goldish-bone colored eyeshadow with a little shimmer will work just fine too.
My three favorite places to put highlighter are:

(you can apply highlighter to all of these places without a brush and just use your fingers in my opinion)

The top of your cheekbones. 

The inner corner of your eyelid.

Your brow bone (which is right underneath your eyebrow).

I hope you'll find that highlighting these places with luminescence brings a wonderful difference to your face.  And it only takes about a minute to do! 

A thing that brings a little glow to our room happens to be this wonderful Abercrombie poster that has been passed down from my roommate's oldest sister, her two older sisters, and then to her.

 We are thinking about taping little felt santa hats onto their heads.

And yes, sometimes I do like to wear feather quill pen pj pants while blogging.  

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