Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shine Bright, Shine far

Does anyone remember that movie Life Size that showed on Disney Channel like 10 years ago?
Tyra Banks and a pre-pubescent Lindsay Lohan starred in it, as well as a man that somewhat resembled a leprechaun.
Anyway, the part of the movie that I still think about every once in a while is the song at the end.
It is so cheesy but it will be stuck in your head.

And you may not admit it, but you will kind of enjoy it.

Click here to watch Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan sing and dance like fools.

When this movie came out, I was obsessed with glitter.  And the fact that my mother wouldn't let me wear it made we want to wear it that much more!  So whenever I think of Eve from Life Size, I just think of glitter amongst other quintessential things in a 9 year old's life, like jelly sandals and velvet overalls (yeah, I kind of hate myself for that too.)

So, after my glitter obsession died down, I never really revisited the stuff.  It seemed to gaudy for me, I was became much more of a 'shimmer' girl.

It wasn't until recently I began to rethink how I felt about glitter.  When tastefully done (not all over your face like I used to do), it looks awesome.  Glitter liner has become a current fav of mine, and there's no better place to wear it than at this time of year to little shindigs, out on the town, to class, whatever.

All you need:

-Eyelash Curler


-Glitter liner (the Sephora brand and Urban Decay liners are great)

-Eyeshadow primer (optional)- it's not necessary, but it helps the glitter adhere to your lids and it won't come off as easily if you happen to rub your eyes or something.  Bare Essentuals makes a great one.

1. Curl your lashies and mascuuura them up.

2. Apply the primer gently to your eyelid.  Give it a minute or two to dry.

3. So basically, whenever I apply liner, I divide my eye into two sections (not literally, of course).  First take your brush and go from your inner corner to the middle of your eye.  Don't worry if your line isn't completely straight, it's nothing a little q-tip and makeup remover can't take care of. 

Tip: Rest the arm that you're applying the liner with on a counter of something to make it easier to keep your hand steady.

4.  Now, do the same thing with the other half. 

Repeat it on the other eye.

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