Monday, November 29, 2010

Need a Little Pick Me Up?

It's almost the end of the semester (YAY).
Which means we all have so much to get done and to study for before the semester ends and we can go home, recuperate, and begin our classes once again in January (hopefully making our return with some enthusiasm- I think everyone should look forward to at least one of their classes next semester-we don't pay to go to college to be miserable).

Not to mention the element of trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas List (which is actually really fun for me, but I know not everyone shares this opinion).
So what can you do to make yourself not look like the living dead during the craaazy time of year?

You could spend two hours watching Elf to feel rejuvenated  


Listen to one of these songs:

These 5 songs just so happen to be around 5 minutes, meaning that while you're listening, you can do a super quick 5 minute face!

I can't think of a better person to model this look on than my sister, Brianna.

She's a senior at Notre Dame with a double major in Environmental Science and French, holds three jobs, and takes 21 credit hours a semester for "fun".  She also somehow finds time to do great things for other people, and krump dance like a boss.

So, needless to say, Brianna is too busy saving the world and being an awesome person to spend too much time on her makeup.

I had her try to execute this look in 5 minutes or less, and she was successful (her song of choice was kids, in case anyone was curious)!

All you need:

-Powder Brush (Bare Escentuals Flawless Face Brush is really soft, and great for applying face powder or blush.)

-Eyelash curler

-Mascara (Bri used Korres Deep Color Mascara, which is a pigment rich and light mascara.  It gives a very natural look, and is perfect for an everyday look.)

-Concealor/liquid foundation with good coverage (Brianna used Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting  Liquid Foundation- which covers up even my under eye circles, which is definitely saying something.)

-Translucent powder/mineral veil (Bri used Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil. This stuff gives you a great matte finish.)

-Blush (Brianna used Nars Blush in Orgasm, which is a peachy-pink with a little bit of golden shimmer, and flattering on just about everyone.)

A tip about blush:  Look at the color your cheeks naturally turn whenever you are flushed.  Then, if you look for a color similar to this while searching for a blush, you are guaranteed that it will look fantastico on you since your body naturally produces that shade.

1. Start off by applying your concealor/liquid foundation with your fingers or a sponge (I just prefer using my fingers because I feel like the warmth of them helps the product melt into your skin, making it appear more natural) on areas that are particularly discolored, such as under eye circles or pimples.

2. Next, apply the mineral veil/translucent powder to your whole face, just to matt-ify your face and achieve a more even all over skin tone.

I'm happy to report that's not a sillee band on her wrist.

3. Now time to move onto the eyes.  Curl your eyelashes and then apply one coat of mascara.

4. The final step- apply some blush to the apples of your cheeks!  When you smile, the chubalub part of your cheek that sticks out is known as the apple.  

-You could also sweep on some berry lipgloss like this one on your way out the door to add a little more somethin somethin.

A few minutes out of your day to do a simple makeup look can make a very noticeable difference.  As my sister put it, "Before, I looked like hell. Now, I only look like purgatory."

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