Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happiness is not a warm gun in this instance

Today, happiness is a pair of lush lashes.

They had a pushupesque quality to them today, I am happy to report.

What did I ever do today that made such a difference? you may be asking? or not?

-curl the crapdizzle out of my lashes (I curled them at the lash line and at the tips)

-dust lashes with powder (ideally one that is translucent or flesh colored) with a powder brush

-apply a coat of mascara (I used Revlon Lash Fantasy Waterproof-just the mascara side- I'm not much of a fan of the primer side because it kills a curl like whoa)

-more powder exclamation point !

- another coat of mascara.

Whoa baby you lookin' fine. Now if only I could master the wink.

Ps did anyone catch the Beatle's reference in the title? 

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