Saturday, May 21, 2011

My obsession with the pudding camera.

I downloaded this camera app for my iphone called "Pudding Camera".

However, you won't know it's called that until you download it, because well, it's in Korean.

But it's free!

And it takes unexpectedly great pictures.

 Tie dyed legs at my dorm hall barbecue!

The most gorg blossoms on the trees + a friend that didn't make it out of the frame in time.


Below: Procrastination nation on studying.

Below: Waiting for padre at the aeroperta.

I missed the girls in my suite... so naturally I snapped pictures of the door and the bulletin board outside of it?

(Gretchen's cat)

(Gretchen's cat)

The time where the sky looked so beautiful and I listened to Family Tree while maniacally snapping away.

The Dome at Notre Dame

Duck Island

The Grotto

Being here for graduation weekend at my sister's is a reality slap for me.
Only two more years of pre-made food at the caf?!
I don't know if I can handle that.

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