Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I've learned while applying makeup out of sheer boredom in the airport bathroom during my 4 hour layover

Mud Brown Lipgloss is never flattering on anyone...evereverever.

Chunky Highlights circa Caitlin in 9th grade are apparently becoming hip with middle aged women?!

I really like the scent of  Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and would very much like to purchase it soon.

Sorry I haven't written in many days.  I was doing this:

But now I'm in the airport listening to "Take me home tonight...da na na na na til you see the light!" over the loudspeakers and using the free wireless that I didn't know JetBlue offered until today so I'm doin work over here at Addicted to my Mascara.

And now 'Fame' is playing...consider me motivated.

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