Saturday, March 26, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Week: The red lip

Yes, I'm devoting a week to her!  Aren't you all so excited?
I'm also paying homage to a time period that I wish I could have lived in.
The hair, the clothes that flattered women with curvaliciousness(!) and ohhh the makeup.
Those women were not afraid to put on a strong look,
espacially Elizabeth Taylor.

One thing that is really striking about Lizzer are her glorious  bow shaped lips.

I have heard probably close to a billion but more realistically a million lovely ladies tell me the past few days that they wish they could wear red lipstick, but it just doesn't look good on them.

 I heard a slew of excuses, from red makes my teeth yellow, to I look like a drag queen, a prostitute, a clown.
As my Spanish teacher would say: AY YAY YAY!
I call bullshit!

Everyone can look good with lipstick, it's just a matter of picking the right shade with the right amount of  red pigment for your liking (although eventually I encourage everyone to wear the full monte red lip.  It's so empowering!)

Take this short little survey majigger to figure out what shade of red will look best on you:

1. Look at the veins on your wrist.  Are they predominately:
a. green
b. blue

2. How do oranges/yellows/reds look on you?
a. Foxy as all get out
b. Not too hot- I look better in purples, blues, and greens

3. What color jewelry looks best on you?
a. gold
b. silver

4. What happens to your skin in the summer?
a. I tend to tan into a shade of deliciously browned pancake color 
b. I burn more than I tan and sometimes get adorable frecklies!

If you answered mostly A's...

You are a wonderful Warm tone my friend!  Colors that remind one of sunshine and the summer that is not coming to Syracuse, New York anytime soon look glorious on you.  Gold makes your skin glow, and you tan well (I'll try not to be jealous but it will happen anyway).  Shades of red with orange undertones look best on you like

If you answered mostly B's...

You're cool toned!  You look gorg in blues, greens, and other cool colors.  Silver brings your skin alive, and you get a little rosie posie from the sun.  The freckles are a cute side effect though!  Shades of red with blue undertones look best on you like

Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick in Very Cherry

Tomorrow I'm going to show you all how to put on red lipstick without looking like a clown attacked you with red face paint or something.
Sorry, best analogy I could come up for now.

(I started to type 'Happy Birthday', what is wrong with me?)

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