Thursday, January 27, 2011

Smelly Nelly

Just now while I was searching for that shirt.
You know that shirt. 
It's the one you always think you'll never wear again because there's definitely some pilling and maybe a slight hint of pit stain on it, yet you always return to it.  Namely because it's that shirt.  You don't need to justify your clothing options, right?!
And it's probably a less expensive item too, one you could easily replace; one that may not even have a significant memory or a name tied to it (or he or she, if you're asking Hooti).

So anyway, there I am, arms deep in the depths of my drawers with fleece zebra pj pants and wrinkled hoodies pouring out like they need some spanx to control them, when I finally find it!
And then I catch a whiff of the shirt...
Is that G by Gwen Stefani I smell?
I haven't worn that since I could actually see grass on the ground.

It's like maybe you can't pinpoint it exactly what it is but that woman you pass by at the mall smells kinda like your grandma (Estee Lauder Beautiful, perhaps?  I find that is a popular one amongst the grandma crowd.  They really must get a certificate in the mail when their firstborn grandchild pops out of the womb, and it would say something like 'Welcome to the Elite Group, the few [not so few these days, whaddup baby boomers], the proud, the grandmamas' [or grandma, or nana, or meemaw, or whatever your future child would call you.  Estee Lauder would do this type of research to make the certificate, therefore the scent, more appealing to you.][Also, I hope you can keep up with the brackets.  Note also that I may have stolen part of this phrase from the marines.  But gradmamas/meemaws/nanas/grams are that badass.])

 Maybe a random air freshener reminds you of an ex- significant other's clothing (we can all tell I'm drawing on my past here).

Either way, fragrance conjures up a whole kajumbaload of feelings.  That's why you really should try to smell good because I really don't want someone walking by a pile of dogcrap and saying, "Wow, something is making me think of Caitlin right now."

So, in honor of that shirt and my need for a little nostalgia.



My second mom growing up

All sexy men of the world wear this scent, I'm convinced.


My cousins- long story.  It involved a crappy cologne sampler that was received by my cousin like 10 years ago.  What else do you do with cologne at that age except sprinkle it all over your stuffed animals? I was constantly reminded of this scent every time I snuggled with bozo the clown.

If you don't feel like being reminisced upon in the presence of dogcrap either, here are some lovely scents that I'm a fan of that are worth a try.

Some tips on your epic scent searching journey:

-Your nose is like your legs after not working out for a few weeks.  It can only take so much at once.  Only sample 3-4 scents a visit.
-Don't use that paper that you're supposed to spray on to get a good judgement of a scent!  Those things may be cute and all, but they're only good for spraying and sticking in your purse (thanks, cousin Lindsey).
-Instead, spray a scent on your wrist or forearm.  If you want to sample another scent, spray it on the other wrist or forearm.
-Now, walk around with the scent.  Let it work with your body's chemistry and smell the different layers the fragrance has to offer (haha-Ogre's are like onion-layers-Shrek!)
-And please- don't rub a scent on-as in rubbing your wrists together and then on your neck type of deal.  You break down the fragrance and it no longer has it's original identity.  Like getting a bad facelift.  Good intentions, bad results.
-Once you bring home your little bundle of joy, place it away from sunlight.  The light will break down the particles in the scent, once again producing an effect a la facelift. 

Like so:

So are you guys with me or am I the only pitiful soul that asks while working the Mackenzie Childs Barn Sale to a random woman, "Ma'am, is that Amazing Grace you're wearing?"

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Clara said...

Dude, I've been reading through your blog for the last half hour and it's making me feel bad for being a lazy ass and never wearing makeup. I shall be a better woman in the future!

Very true about this scent thing, btw. I can never chew Trident Tropical Twist because it reminds me of dissatisfaction.

Keep up the good work! :P