Monday, December 27, 2010

Constructive Criticism

I was talking to my sister today about my blog and what she thought of it.
Not only because I value her opinion, but because I was fishing for compliments.
Amongst the nice things she had to say, she told me I rely heavily on Sephora for the links to products.

My reasoning behind this is that Sephora carries over 250 brands and you can get basically anything you want all at once, without having to pay multiple shipping costs/visit multiple stores/rack up points to get free stuff/they have a great return policy.  

And although I tend to be bias to the beauty giant, there are some gems Sephora doesn't offer.

So, I thought I would feature some companies that are fantastico-where the bolded word on my blog doesn't lead you to Sephora's website.

Whaddup KITTY LIPSTICK?!  Even if this lipstick was poor quality, I would still buy it because it is so adorable.  But it's not!  So lucky us!  And you can find their cosmetics on Urban Outfitters!  And that's pretty much the cherry on top of all of that good news.

This company can be found at some department stores, yet Sephora is not a carrier The products I've tried-their liquid liner, lipstick, and their pigments-are all really pretty wonderful.

Here's me and my lovely roomate Moe.  I'm wearing Mac Liquidlast Liner in Inky in this photo.

This is me and my longtime friend Kelsey in Germany together!  Our friend Alexa did my makeup with the Mac Pigments in Copper Sparkle (I think).

The Drugstore Heroes
Maybelline, Wet N Wild, Almay, Loreal, Revlon, Rimmel, Physicians Formula, Covergirl, word.

You really don't have to pay the equivalent of a down payment on a car to have great makeup.  A few of my drugstore favorites:

 Almay Intense  I- Color for Blue Eyes.
This company makes a shadow trio for hazel, brown, and green eyes as well.  Basically a no brainer in helping you figure out which colors will help your eyes stand out.

Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Liquid Foundation
Has great coverage and is mineral based-so it's better for your skin.  And with 16 shades to choose from, you'll be able to find your perfect shade!  It's also good for people with sensitive skin.

Wet N Wild H20 Proof Felt-Tip Liquid Eyeliner
It will not come off for anything! It won't budge through tears, swimming, water gun fight, whatever.  Unless someone bombards you with eye makeup remover, then it might come off.  

I'm wearing this liner in the picture at the top of my blog


This Plant Love Lipstick is 100% natural, has a tube made entirely of corn, and the box packaging has flower seeds infused in it so you can plant it in the ground.  So if you happen to consume some of this lipstick at least you know you didn't just eat some freaky chemicals.  And it's environmentally friendly, which is always a plus.

In unfortunate news:  I'm stuck in the midwest and can't fly home because of the awful snow storm.

In fortunate news:  By the time we finally get home, my Sephora order should be waiting at the door.  Yessss.

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