Sunday, November 7, 2010

It all started with a blue lipstick tube that turned magenta once applied...

Hey everyone,
I'm Caitlin.
 I love makeup. 

 Ever since elementary school when I discovered my mom's mood changing lipstick (? yeah...they had that in the 90's), I knew I had found a friend in makeup.  I proceeded to make many makeup faux paus along the way, ( like sneaking shimmer powder into my little Lisa Frank backpack and putting it all over my face in the bathroom- what up disco ball face) I think that I've seasoned my cosmetic applying technique along the way.

So, the aim of this blog is an excuse for me to try new products and tell the findings to you all, as well as show you guys some of my favorite looks and how to execute them-sans disco ball face.
If you have any products you've wanted to try or have any looks you want to know how to execute, let me know, any excuse to buy makeup will suffice for me.

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