Monday, November 22, 2010

And I said how bout a revolution...

And he said right.

I saw Oar in concert last night!

They were pretty awesome, despite the fact I don't really know many of their songs, it was still fun to just listen to some good music and dance around like a fool.

So, here's a fun eye look to do when you want to go to class, or dance like a fool, or whatever  you feel like doing.  I really like the bronze/brown eye because the colors don't overwhelm fair, and it blends nicely onto darker skin tones.  So its flattering on everyone!

All you need:


-Eyelash curler

-An eyeshadow palette with a bronze and a brown (I used the aerie  radiant eye shadow palette in goddess, however, I couldn't find the link online, but I'm pretty sure they sell it in the stores still.)

-You could also buy individual eyeshadows, one bronze and one brown.

-An eyeshadow brush and a liner brush-this kit from Sonia Kashuk has both!

Okay, so I've already tried the finished product on one eye, and just have one coat of mascara on the other.

1.With your eyeshadow brush, dip it into the bronzish shadow.

2. After you apply the bronzish shadow to just your lid (meaning from your lash line to your crease), dip your brush into the darker brown shadow.

3. Now, very carefully, apply the brush in a back and forth motion onto the crease of your eye (the crease being the part where your eyeball ends and the brow bone begins).  You can start out with just a little color on your brush and build the color up, and hey, if you happen to mess up on this part, just use eye makeup remover like this one from Almay and wipe it off.  It's only makeup, and experimenting with it and being a little messy is the fun part. 

4. Then, take the liner brush and dip it into your brown shadow.

5. Apply the brown shadow to your lower lash line.

(Excuse my weird face)

6. Apply another coat of mascara.

And voila!

I can't wait for it to be Thanksgiving, lots of family, sweet potato bake, and sleeping.

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