Monday, March 14, 2011

Crusty Crusts

Title inspired by this video. PEACE AND BUHLESSINS YA'LL

Today as I was working out on a weight machine at the gym, I noticed in the mirror my lips were incredibly dry and flakey!
I mean what else is one to do when the rowing machine is right near the wall of mirrors I ask you. 

So I'm zapping this problem rightaboutnow, wanna join?

All you need:

-a soft bristled toothbrush (a new one, please.)

-Vaseline/Some other form of softening balm like Smith's Rosebud Balm

1. Apply a whole lotta balm on your lips and let it sit for 10 minutes to soften the dead skin.

2. Now brush your lips lightly with the toothbrush.  You'll like it's exfoliating powers and feel slightly strange at the same time. 

3. Wipe off the remaining balm from your lips with a towel so it can catch the dead skin as well. Apply a fresh coat of balm and now you have soft, lovely, lips!

Life Saver!

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