Friday, December 10, 2010


The awful trifecta.
When any of the three or all three decide to pop up in my life,
I apply makeup.
I'm working on putting some eyeliner on my face right now, and I should be hopping into bed.
The habitual actions make you feel like your life is more normal I'm guessing.
But I've discovered...writing about makeup helps a lot too!

 One of the most wonderful people I know, and my dearest friend Anne Marie came to visit for Snowball last weekend!

  She's not a big makeup wearer at all, but she allowed me the honor and let me do her makeup.  Quite to my pleasant surprise, she wanted some red lips.

OF COURSE I WAS MORE THAN HAPPY TO OBLIGE! I used Cruella, by the way.  

I have an obsession with this stuff.

Anne Marie in a nutshell.  I can't wait until she wears a Mickey Mouse costume to my wedding.

I decided to wear a berry lip for the dance.  My weapon of choice: 

Sephora Collection Rouge Cream Lipstick in Crush 23

It may seem a bit intimidating in the tube, but when applied, its a beautiful bright fuchsia berry.
And you can control the brightness of the color depending on the amount of layers your apply.  But of course I wanted my lips to be super colorful.

 That's uglyworm up above.  Our suite's mascot.

Snowball was a lot of fun, in part because it didn't get shut down this year and I did not run into a fridge.

  My friends are the best.  A few pictures from the night to show all of the awesomeness they exude:


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